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TK Database Technologies specializes in pc maintenance, pc repairs and the protection, security and privacy of individual businesses and their personal information. Our software prevents unauthorized access to your personal data and online accounts. We can help protect against cyber-attacks, identity theft, malware, ransomware, virus attacks and other threats that can lead to financial loss. This service, provides you with all round protection, to keep your PC running smoothly and your personal information safe.

Our applications are sold on USB Keys, for quick and easy use on multiple PCs.

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PC Maintenance and Service Repair Package!

What's available with this service?
This service includes a personal Technician to work on your PC with four remote sessions including consultation for an entire year! We have included three of our best software applications including TK Password Bank, TK File Encryption and TK PC Maintenance Software for your all round protection against cyber-attacks. This software package is sold on a USB Key.

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TK File Encryption Software

Cyber Security, File protection and backup software for your personal files and documents. The software encrypts your files with 25 - 50 character password to protect your files from hacks and unauthorized data access.

TK Password Bank Software

Password protection and cyber attack prevention for your online accounts. The software stores serial numbers, account numbers, URLs, FTP and SFTP accounts, emails, notes and includes a password generator. Use this software to Open applications and URLs, and easily log you in, without having to type your username and password.

TK PC Maintenance Software

PC maintenance software for authorized PC checkups, hardware checks, file and data cleanup, system status reports, event logs, security logs, remote repairs, virus detection and removal, intrusion detection, phishing and other vulnerabilities.


  • The FBI IC3 reported a spike of 400% in cybercrime reports during the pandemic.
  • 53% of users around the globe have not changed their password in the last 12 months despite hearing about data breaches in news reports.
  • 52% of adults aged 16 to 50+ in the US reuse the same password.
  • Ransomware attacks have increased by 800% during the pandemic.
  • Reference: financesonline.com/hacking-statistics


TK File Encryption


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TK PC Maintenance


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TK Password Bank


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