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Computer, File and USB Protection!
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Protection and backup for your personal files in the cloud, on your USB or External Drive, Computer and more.
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About our Company!
Backup and Data Protection

TK Database Technologies offers low cost software solutions to backup and protect your computer files, online identity, pictures and documents in the cloud or on USB and PC External Drives. We also offer a partner program that allows those interested in our software to earn 60% - 100% compensation, so you determine the markup price for the product you choose.

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Business Owners

We provide you with FREE High Quality QR codes and other advertising materials for your store. You can order our software keys in small or large quantities, the amount you order determines the advertising package you receive. Get started now by creating an online account here.

Non-Business Owners

If you don't own a business but know someone who does, or would like to participate in our program. You can get started by choosing here. You can also use our contact form below if you have any questions. Remember you will also need to create your online account.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Register on our website and create an account.

Is signing up to become a member free?

Yes, you can create your free account online.

How do I earn with your program?

We recommend starting with our sample package, you can use these advertising materials to get started. Using flyers, business cards, posters with QR Codes etc. you can start earning. In some instances you can even have your own website landing page.

What products will I be offering my clients?

Our company sells unique USB software for corporate or single license use. Our software is designed for various task and includes a file organizer, password manager, file lock, invoicing and more!!

What medium is use for software distribution?

All our software comes with a USB Key and can run from the USB Key or PC.

Do you offer any samples of your printed materials?

You can order personalized sample packages here.

Is my software protected on the USB Key?

Yes, all software are protected and encrypted on your USB Key.

How long does it take to receive advertising materials?

It can take up to 2 weeks after joining our team to get your advertising materials, since all items have to be individually personalized.

What if I don't have a business and would like to sign-up?

You can still take part in our program start here.

Can I order additional Advertising Materials?

Yes you can order additional advertising materials here.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made via by check, wire transfer, Paypal or direct deposit.

Do you provide online support?

Free online support is available via email, or our online help system, remote support is available for a small fee.

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TK Password Bank

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TK File Organizer

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TK File Lock

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TK Quick Invoicing

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WiFi Adapter

Extend the wifi range of your desktop or laptop

Micro USB Phone Adapter

Connect your phone or laptop to an external Hard drive, USB Light and more!!

Bluetooth Adapter

Use any earbuds with your TV or other bluetooh device
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