Marketing strategies

Making the most of your advertising materials


Meet consumers where they are - Most people are already on social media. Start with friends and close associate to build the brand. You can create you own page on facebook to advertise and sell

Show consumers the earning potential of the product - Business owners who already have a clientele, have the potential to earn exponentially through posters strategically placed in their business. When potential clients scans the poster's QR code, both you and the store owner will reap the benefits from client's purchases.

Marketing to business owners. - The first step is to register the business owner with an affiliate account. Your Business client would have to choose from the premium or elite packages since those packages includes posters, as part of the sign up process. When a client scans the QR code and order our products or services from the posters placed at the store, both you and the business owner are compensated. The business owner gets 30% and you get 15% of all sales. It's the quickest and easiest method, for increasing your income without the heavy lifting.

Anticipate your target market needs - We have two sets of advertising materials, one for our on site and remote PC Repair business, the other for our Stainless Steel USB Keys and products. We recommend placing your posters and business cards for PC repairs, in offices, schools, Barber Shops and Stores. In other words place in businesses that do not do computer repairs (Like a TV Shop) and places with heavey traffic where advertising is allowed.

Posters for USB Keys (see ads) sales and free software can be placed in any type of business, including PC Repair Shops. Our PC Repair software can compliment the PC repair shop, as a maintenance tool. It's the perfect companion for the sale or repair of a client's PC.

Think carefully about who you want to target and place your posters and business cards strategically. We do our best to print posters that aesthetically suits the business you choose.

See Sample products here

Tell your potential clients about our incentives - Let your clients know about the many ways they can use our Stainless Steel USB Keys.

  • They can choose any one of our software applications free including our PC Repair maintenance software (a $49 value)
  • All USB Keys comes with free carrying case, for long lasting protection ($10 value)
  • Customers who buy our USB Keys get a 30% Discount on our C type and micro USB Phone adapter (must be made at the time of purchase of the USB Key).
  • USB Keys are compatible with our phone adapters for backing up and accessing important files on your cell phone. Our adapters also allows you to use your usb mouse on your cell phone.
  • Our USB Keys can be used to create a recovery drive for your PC
  • All our software can run from our flash drive as portable applications
  • Make a password reset disk for your PC for Windows 10
  • Free access to our web forum where additional tech support is available ($49 value)

  • Leave a handshake behind - Take your business cards everywhere with you. Give to everyone you talk to. They will remember you when they need your service. All affiliates get an additional 30% discount on all printed products. Request a copoun code before placing your order.

    See High Quality products here

    Use your own initiative - Text flyers to your friends and co-workers, create a business instagram or facebook page, have your QR Code placed on your vehicle. Think about what works best for you and implement it; After all this is our road to a sucessful retirement!!

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