TK PC Maintenance Software

Full PC tune-up, backups, Virus and Intrusion Protection!!

TK PC Maintenance Plan offers protection and maintenance services at a low cost. To have your PC repaired select from one of these services

How does this service work?

We have made it easy for everyone to have their PC serviced by our team. We offer many different packages for you repairs. Choose the one that's right for you, to determine if you need our service, we ask the following:

  • Have you checked the health status of your Hard Drive recently?
  • Do you know why your PC is slow?
  • Do you know if your computer has the right amount of RAM or Video Memory?
  • How certain are you about the absense of malware or spyware applications on your PC?
  • Would you like a full PC Tune-up?
  • If you have not checked your PC recently or have any known or unknown issues, then vist our forum for additional information.

    Updates may be available for this application after download.

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    PC Technician Services

    PC Maintenance give you access to an online technician and the necessary software to resolve and fix your pc issues.

    Extensive Software with various repair tools

    The software comes with various reporting and repair tools and makes it easier for your technician to provide you with the repairs and service you need.

    Database included to keep a record of our service.

    The software includes a database that allows our technicians to keep a record of the work performed and record successful or failed repairs.


    Frequently asked questions

    What is TK PC Maintenance Software?

    TK PC Maintenance is used for all of your PC maintenance and repairs.

    How does the service work?

    You can purchase a one time repair service here or purchase the annual service that gives you three repair sessions, consultation and discounts on our additional services.

    Can I use this software on another PC?

    You can use this software on additional PCs, but would need to purchase additional licenses.

    How much time do I have to renew my service after it expires.

    You have 30 days to renew after your service expires.

    How long is a remote session?

    One remote session can be between 30 and 90 minutes. However we also communicate with you via email and give you step by step instructions on our online web forum.

    What if I used my three sessions before the year is over?

    You can purchase additional sessions on our website.

    Do I have to renew my annual service every year?

    The choice to renew is up to you, however if our service is needed you can renew your service here.

    Will my sessions roll over if I don't use them?

    Yes, once you renew your service your session will roll over for that year. If your service is not renewed within 30 days then your sessions will expire.

    How is my PC maintained?

    Your PC is maintained remotely or in home once you're within the service area. We can perform the following services PC tune-up, clean-up, virus removal, backups, performance improvements and more. You can get started with a one time repair here!!

    Where can I find additional information about my repairs?

    You can vist our web forum. to find out more about our PC maintenance and repairs


    How to use TK PC Maintenance Software

    Download and install the trail version of the software. Once you have finished testing the software you can purchase the software here!! Additional information and instructions on how to use the software can be found on our web forum. .

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    Download and Purchase

  • For your free trial you can download the software click here.
  • For our annual repair service with the option to renew click here.
  • To purchase any of our other software titles available click here.
  • Purchase a one time in home or remote session if you have not purchased our repair software before. click here.
  • Remember our PC Maintenance software is sold as part of a package and offers the best plan for your computer repair needs with this service you get three repair sessions for an entire year with the option to renew.

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